Sunday, April 08, 2007

An unexpected move

Your kiss, so swift, so light, a brush of lips
Was there and gone before the day could sigh.
My heart rejoices, hungers now, and skips
For all the fire that once was you and I.

I know not how defences dropped, or mixed
When love, it seemed, had run its cruel course
And, like opposing planets, orbits fixed,
We'd spiralled ever further from our source.

Why did we just engage in this last dance
of tender meaning, all too small, too late?
What was the fear I saw in your brief glance,
Does hope still seek to contradict our fate?

Oh, for your arms, my warm and musky nest
Where Earth and Heaven mingled in the past.
Its been so long since there was peace, or rest;
Dear God, I wish the die had not been cast.


Blogger ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Who wrote this? It's very good -- multi-sensory and emotionally evocative, nicely paced rhythm ... touches on feelings we've all experienced but couldn't quite put into words ourselves... nicely done, and I hope things are looking a little brighter today.

::wan smile

2:56 PM  

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