Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Personal Update

I'm sorry I haven't posted here in quite a while. Instead of thinking of something wonderfully funny and interesting to grump about, I've been dealing with many small but real life difficulties.

I've been blogging for money lately. When I got offered compensation for "providing content," I was in hog heaven. But you know what they say, if you make your hobby into a job, then you've lost a hobby. Dealing with promotion and deadlines makes it much less fun. It doesn't replace the income of a real job, but it keeps the wolf away from the door. But it is very time-consuming. While I surf for material, I tend to get distracted: Oh, Scott Adams has an opinion on something! Oh, there's a squabble between blogger x and blogger y! Oh, a new episode of The Daily Show! (which happens every day, duh) So what should take a few minutes takes an hour. When I really need to use the time to look for a real job.

Then the transmission went out on my van. The good news is that it was only a blown seal. The bad news is, they had to remove the tranny to fix it ($$$). And it took a week at the shop for my mechanic to get around to it. Meanwhile, I drove a borrowed Cadillac, which cost more in gas than my van cost in constant tranmission fluid transfusions.

The CPA finished my income tax forms. Federal was OK, but the state of Kentucky wants thousands of dollars, a fine for underestimating my income last year, and quarterly payments 500% above last year for 2007! Well, 2006 was an unusually good year, but if my income stays steady for this year, the state will be withholding 50% of my income. I have to figure out some way to get out of that. My best bet would be to move out of state. If I can afford to!

Then my youngest got sick. She said she had never been this weak in her life. With no health insurance, it cost me $200 to determine that she has the flu. She was excused from school for an entire week, which would be followed by ten days of Spring Break. With the help of the good Lord and Tamiflu, she is back at school today to give me a little break before their vacation.

Today I am sorting our possessions preparing for a yard sale on Good Friday. Yes, I could use the money, but the main point is to get rid of this ton of furniture and stuff before a possible move. Wish me luck!


Blogger Kim said...

I'll wish you luck!

I have coverage now, but lived for most of my adult life without health insurance -YES with all of those kids! The expense can be staggering. I'm glad it's only the flu and nothing more serious, or costly.

Let us know how much you make in the yard sale. I've thought about holding one for years, but never imagined it would be worth my time. I also have to come to terms with actual people coming to my house, lol. I'd have done it ten times already if I wouldn't have to deal with the general public.

Hope things improve for you Cellania.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

50% or 5%? 50% taxed income, you are definitely doing something horrendously wrong. Time to find a good CPA girl.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Miss Cellania said...

50% withholding. The problem is they are basing the amount on last year's income. This year I will make so much LESS that it raises the percentage. Oh, I'll get it all back, but I can't afford to pay it in first!

6:38 PM  
Blogger fineartist said...

Oh hon I feel for you.

Health care is so costly anymore we can barely afford to keep ourselves alive. I don't have insurance on Samps either as they want 367 bucks a month to insure him, and then the co pay on office visits is 50 bucks...I tell myself it's better to save that 367 dollars a month, then I can afford to take him when he's sick, and of course I can NEVER save that money. Who am I kidding? But like you, I manage to scrape it togther when I need to.

Taxes a pocky clips on taxes.

Hugs you!

6:35 AM  

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