Monday, January 29, 2007

Cold Monday Morning

I am apparently the only one around here who knows how to plan ahead. The forecast said it would be cold Sunday and Monday. I bought weather stripping and insulation last week. I installed it Saturday, when the weather was nice. Sunday was cold, and getting colder. I gathered kindling, hauled logs to the porch, got my grocery shopping done before dark, stoked the fire til 2AM, and turned on the electric blanket an hour before getting into bed. I washed the kids’ heavy coats, and gave them an extra few minutes in the dryer just before leaving this morning. I started the car 15 minutes early to warm it up. I found two matching sets of gloves.

Monday was an “out of dress code” day, which is special. I told the kids to bring me all their dirty laundry all weekend. I told them to get their outfits ready the night before. Several times.

This morning, I found Princess in a sleeveless shirt. NO! Its 14 degrees out there! She couldn’t find ANY long sleeved shirt that wasn’t dress code. So I looked. I could think of 6 nice long sleeved shirts, not a one to be found. Turns out one was under the bed, dirty. Two were in the car, dirty. Two were left at Grandma’s house. And the other was on her sister’s back.

Gothgrrl neglected to bathe on Sunday. And Saturday. So I stoked the water heater and nagged her through a quick shower, while packing lunches and preparing breakfast. I dried her hair while she ate.

After putting in what amounted to an entire day’s work getting them ready, we left for school on time. The parking lot was empty! Yes, I had checked the roads, no snow, no ice. But the public schools in the area had called off school today for some reason, so the parochial school delayed class one hour as a precaution. All that hurrying this morning was for naught. Of course, I left them there anyway. They behave better for the nuns than for me.

But now that I’ve vented, I can enjoy some peace and another cup of coffee. Thank you.


Blogger Lizard said...

oh, my. I think it woul dhave been very very tempting to say "what a bummer to have to wear a dress code shirt on a no-code day" and left it at that. I might even have done it, too, because I am a mean mommy.

At least you will be warm and cosy while they are at school. Enjoy that coffee.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

*making a note*

- leave the kids with the nuns -

yeah. I like the sound of that.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lizard, I told her school sweatshirt or dirty short, just as long as she had sleeves. So she wore a dirty shirt, her choice, her problem.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing what it takes to get them out the door in the morning these days. We rarely have a day when dress code isn't required, and when we do, it's uniform shirts plus jeans if you want to pay a dollar toward a certain cause. I HATE those days! They come with very little warning, and who ever has clean jeans when they're needed? I'd just as soon be asked for a dollar in order to send them to school with wet hair, honestly.

1:07 AM  
Blogger beckyboop said...

Wow, you're efficient! Great job getting the kids ready and getting prepared. It is cold as hell here as well.

Ah, leaving theeh kids with the nuns...It is so nice to have me time. After my son leaves for school. I have cup od coffee and relax in the quiet. It's great!


7:28 PM  

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