Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Got Those Beta Blogger Blues

I woke up this morning
Blog posts in my head
Signed on for my Blogger
And found Beta here instead...

I am no good at this lyrics malarky, but you get the drift I hope. Please add your own imaginary sour guitar chords and subtle background noises that involve acquiescent, tired people (a few dark 'uhuh's or 'amen's as you wish) and the essential ' this is real blues' sounds of a large, bare room with old wooden flooring; be that scuffs or a slight echo to the vocals.
Or not.

Anyhow perhaps its happened to all of us, but this is now a Beta blog. The little matter of choice was removed. Lovely.


Blogger poet266 said...

Beta - watch out
Beta - don't cry
Beta - now out
"Its hell" we all cry

And because it's making me frown

It's making me sick
Tried logging in twice;
Got sent a reminder
Got to be so precise

And because it's making me frown

It sees you when you're weeping
It knows you made mistakes
It knows if your password's bad
So take care for goodness sake!

O! Beta- watch out
Beta- don't cry
Beta- now out
"Its hell" we all cry

And because it's making us frown

(repeat to fade)


10:56 AM  
Blogger Miss Cellania said...

Wow, poet, that was good!

What choice is removed?

1:55 PM  
Blogger zilla said...

Great poem!

I didn't like it when I was hijacked, either, but it's really turning out to make certain things easier -- like editing & such. Chin up.


2:07 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Gamely said...

I started a new blog in Beta. I already had a gmail account for a school project. I used that account to start the blog, thinking "what's the dif". I put great care into the choice of photo for my new blog and worked out a trade with a friend for help setting it up. Later, I gave the EMAIL password to a committee member because I was hoping she would help out with the project, thinking naively that one would have to go to Blogger to access a blog. I live in a small town. I bitch alot. Weeks later I discovered that if you go to your gmail account and just happen to click on the blogger button, well, what's this? Straight to your blog, my friends. Straight. To. Your. Blog. In this case, straight to my blog. My secret, bitchalot, real-me blog. And guess what? One cannot change the original gmail address to which one has linked one's blog. Blogger says "no you can't 'cause nannynannypoopoo you have to do it our way" Of course I changed the password on the gmail immediately, I'll make whatever excuses necessary if that ever gets questioned, (which it hasn't, which is a good sign); it was that or completely start over with a new name etc for the blog, and I Don't Want To. For reasons too long to explain I couldn't change the project email either. Anyhow, this has now gone beyond comment and into unsolicited ranting. Please accept my apologies.
And it doesn't rhyme.
'Cause I'm grumpy.
and I'm ol ... I'm middle-aged.
And because convoluted access methods make me feel very bitchy.
and now I'll just jump through a couple more hoops and "sign in with my Google Account"... (which will also open the email on the computer, by the way, so be careful about closing things if you want to maintain the pretense of having any privacy)

10:17 PM  

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