Monday, April 23, 2007

issing Letters

I had soe stories to tell, bt that will have to wait. y oldest daghter spilled soda pop on y keyboard. I rinsed it ot, bt its not dry enogh to fnction yet. So I got y old keyboard ot, and it sees to be issing a cople of crcial letters. This pts a crap in y blogging activities, which is y ain sorce of incoe right now. I a nder deadlines! So I have been painstakingly copying and pasting the issing letters for iportant proects, bt that is really slowing e down. Does anyone have advice on getting y ain keyboard to dry ot faster (safely)? Or is there a way to goose this old one into operating properly? Please excse typos. Thanks.


Blogger Jennifer said...


I ate it wen tat appens. Go aead and pry te malfunctioning keys off wit a screwdriver, blot up any visible water, turn te blowdryer on it at a low setting, and see if tat elps.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I deeply sympathize! My home computer has something that is getting under some keys, and it moves after a few days or a started out under the "b", now it's under the "g"...

5:50 PM  
Blogger Miss Cellania said...

The good keyboard, the one that had the spill, is not working at all. No keys work at all. I disassebled it, wiped th liqid, blowdeted it, pt it back together, and no keys work.

This old one with the issing letters is copletely dry, has been for years.

Bt I fond a ew acintosh keyboard on ebay and won it this orning! Soeone got a new ac and didn't need the keyboard becase they preferred a wireless. There were 3 intes left when I otbid everyone!

6:52 PM  
Anonymous ginnyunder said...

Don't know what system you're running, but try looking at your All Programs, Accessories, Accessibility, On-Screen Keyboard or else you could Google on-screen keyboard. Maybe that will help as a temporary fix.

Also, you can go to Freecycle for your area (like CraigsList, but everything's free). They usually have people giving away computer-related stuff.

4:48 AM  

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