Friday, May 30, 2008

Somebody slept through dinner

SOMEBODY slept through dinner.

Dad: I found the asparagus and the stuffing in the fridge, but I can't find the porkchops.

Stepmom: Why are you looking for them?

Dad: Son's up and I was going to reheat dinner for him.

Stepmom: Why were you going to do that?

Dad: Is there a reason I shouldn't?

Stepmom: He knew dinner was at six and he slept through it. Let him reheat it himself.

Dad: I'm just getting him started.

Stepmom: Yeah, right.

SOMEBODY'S not cookin' tomorrow.

So there.


Blogger Debbie K said...

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10:32 PM  
Blogger Kel-Bell said...

Last night I cooked up a quickie that the whole fam damily enjoyed. (Practically a first for my picky eaters.)

Leftover steak pieces sauted in a frozen ready to heat stir fry kit with veggies and noodles.

I also added a fresh batch ob baby aspargus from the garden, and some texas cheese toast on the side.

They all ate every single bite.


I'm gonna quit cooking and just serve this every night. LOL

3:09 PM  

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