Monday, November 27, 2006

Slow Thinker

Well we are a success, it seems, having already attracted our first serious antagonist.

'Sir'. You are not responsible for my reflex actions, but I have to share that I find one of your comments particularly repulsive and offensive.

How can you say you have spent time in Afghanistan and then say these things?

Afghanistan, where women are sold as brides like cattle, have no rights, no access to education, no access to medical care (because women may not be touched or looked at by a strange male doctor, nor may women become doctors themselves.)

How can you spend time in a country where some women are under total subjugation, where there is vivid testimony to the work of male domination allowed to run riot, and yet say "The woman made the choice when she opened her legs"?


Think about what you said. If you truly believe it then you also truly believe that we are stronger than the men, that we cannot be coerced, seduced, cornered or forced, neither emotionally nor physically; that we have everything in our physical and mental arsenal from puberty onward to see right through you boys, despise you and ignore you. Thats bullshit, isnt it.

God forbid, what if you had been maimed or killed in Afghanistan? What if someone was just as unsympathetic to your wife - no pension, no help, no funeral with honours, because "The jerk made the choice when he signed up"?

They'd have more right to do that, however abominable it sounds - after all, no-one bigger and stronger came along and drugged you or forcibly opened your legs to shove a conscription up your arse. Now do you begin to see how frustratingly offensive your words are?

I really think, if you have any respect at all or any idea of manners, that it would be best if you didn't comment here for a good while.

Thank you.

Oh and by the way, trying to make this about abortion instead of contraception is just pathetic.


Blogger zilla said...

Good points, Cheryl. I commented under Miss C's original post.

Hey -- is there any way for contributors to receive email notifications or comments via email? Not that I mind stopping by, just wondering...

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, Cheryl!

6:37 PM  
Blogger annie said...

nice blog.
i like it's honesty.
rant on!
(hi, zilla)

6:43 AM  

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